Better Care at Births Cost Less video launched

The PROMPT Maternity Foundation are delighted to launch in collaboration with the Erbs Palsy Group the ‘Better care at births costs less‘ animation video.

Injuries at birth can have lifelong implications for those affected and their families and friends. Maternity training is frequently recommended as a way for improving care and preventing birth injuries, however, such training programmes cost money. Economic modelling suggests that evidence-based training can be both cost-effective and cost-saving. Short-term investment in maternity training may therefore result in significant health benefits for patients, as well as long-term monetary savings.

The PROMPT Maternity Foundation wish to express their thanks to The Erbs Palsy Group, Limbs and Things, Royds Withy King, Tozers, Ison Harrison and Laerdal for their support in funding the delivery of this animation video.