We Need Your HELP to fund a Shoulder Dystocia Mannequin for PROMPT Training in Romania

A passionate team of doctors and midwives from the Medias Municipal Hospital, Romania have managed to successfully set up PROMPT in their unit with the aim of reducing preventable harm to their mothers and babies through improving the way they train their staff.

However unfortunately the team do not have a mannequin for training, which would transform the way they teach their staff to manage shoulder dystocia (a complication where a babies shoulders get trapped during birth which can cause permanent nerve damage, brain damage or even death for babies, and can affect up to 3% of births).

A midwife (Sharon) and Obstetrician (Sophie) from the PROMPT Maternity Foundation are travelling to Medias Municipal Hospital in October 2019 to support the team there. We are fundraising to purchase a high-fidelity mannequin for staff to train with, which evidence suggests is a highly effective tool to train staff in the management of shoulder dystocia, and has the ability to reduce injuries to babies.

We would be delighted if you would support us! You can donate at Just Giving for PROMPT Romania