The PROMPT Maternity Foundation are pleased to announce the release of the PROMPT Interim Update package for maternity units in Australia and New Zealand

PROMPT remains committed to hands-on multi-professional maternity training. However, face-to-face training has continued to be intermittently challenging over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The PROMPT Interim Update package provides maternity units with everything they need to ensure their staff remain updated whether they are running virtual or face-to-face local PROMPT training.

The package contains new PROMPT presentations and videos that can easily be added into your local PROMPT courses and has been specifically adapted to reflect the key messages and guidance from the Australian and New Zealand national bodies, including:

  • Recent national and international reports on learning from COVID-19 in pregnant women
  • Presentations covering maternity emergency care
  • Interactive videos of emergency drills
  • Maternal critical care and COVID-19
  • Perinatal mental health & domestic abuse and COVID-19

Please watch this webcast which explains more about the new PROMPT Interim Update:

The package is available free-of-charge for maternity units in Australia and New Zealand in light of the exceptionally challenging circumstances that maternity units have experienced over the past year.

We hope that these resources will provide maternity units with a useful ‘stop-gap’ of updated PROMPT training materials until the PROMPT 3 Train the Trainers (T3) programmes can recommence later in the year. 

We would also like to thank the team from the Maternity Services Education Programme (MSEP) at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne, for their invaluable work and support in adapting the materials for use in Australia and New Zealand.

If your maternity unit would like to apply for the PROMPT Interim Update package (for units in Australia & New Zealand) please complete this application form and email it to: [email protected]