PROMPT training has already been implemented in many countries around the world, in a variety of settings. PROMPT has the potential to benefit many more mothers and babies on a global scale and PMF are keen to support further international training opportunities.

Currently, most international PROMPT training is implemented by individual maternity teams that attend a T3 day run by PMF faculty either in London, or their own country. This package allows teams to run training in their own unit. As experience in the implementation of PROMPT training grows, some teams wish to consider acting as trainers themselves in order to roll out PROMPT training to other units in their region. PMF are very keen to support these ventures in order to increase dissemination of PROMPT training, however, we are equally committed to ensuring that quality of training is maintained and the impact of PROMPT is maximised.

In order for individual groups to disseminate PROMPT training to other units on a regional/national scale a comprehensive legal agreement, or a license for training, must be agreed with PMF. This arrangement for local training already exists in several countries around the world including Australia and New Zealand, USA and Singapore.