Pre-Hospital maternity emergency care covers a wide range of maternity conditions and circumstances.

Clinical staff involved in pre-hospital maternity emergencies can be called to pre-birth, birth or post-birth problems, affecting the mother, or both the mother and her baby (unborn or newborn).

There is a need for timely and effective actions to ensure the safe hand-over of a woman and/or her baby (unborn or newborn) to an appropriate hospital setting.

The Pre-Hospital PROMPT booklet provides clinical algorithms and information for the immediate emergency treatment of maternity emergencies and transfer to hospital.

The algorithms are based on Paramedic and Ambulance staff guidelines: JRCALC (2019).

Further training videos can be found on the PROMPT Maternity Foundation YouTube Channel

The cost of the Pre-Hospital PROMPT Clinical Algorithms booklet is £9.00 including post and package - order Pre-Hospital PROMPT booklet 

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