PROMPT Research Team

Tim Draycott – Professor of Obstetrics and Academic Lead

Tim Draycott, MD, BSc, MBBS, FRCOG, is a Consultant at Southmead Hospital and the University of Bristol.

Professor Draycott trained in London and the south west of England with valuable time spent working in France, Sweden and South Africa. He has been a Consultant Obstetrician at Southmead Hospital since 2002 and a Health Foundation Improvement Science Fellow since 2012. 

Over the last 14 years Tim has led the development of a new academic department in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at North Bristol that is now recognised as a world leading intrapartum and safety research centre.

Tim’s programme of simulation research has been recognised by prizes from NHS Innovations, NICE, and the BMJ. Tim was also awarded Hospital Doctor of the Year for his intrapartum emergencies work; he has been recognised as a NHS Hero, and he was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Excellence in Education by the Queen.

Tim is the senior clinical advisor to NHS Resolution in the UK and Vice President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Council.

Cathy Winter – Midwifery Lead

Cathy is the lead midwife for the PROMPT Maternity Foundation (PMF). As one of the founder members of PMF, she works with a multi-professional core team to distribute the PROMPT T3 (Train the Trainers) programmes in the UK and around the world. In addition, she coordinates the development and production of the suite of PROMPT training packages.

Cathy also supports PMF’s research portfolio, which aims to influence clinical practice by making available evidence and tools to make it easier for maternity staff to provide the best care for mothers and their babies

Mary Alvarez – Senior Research Midwife

Mary works as a senior research midwife for North Bristol Trust.

After 27 years of working as a clinical midwife, primarily as a core member of the delivery team, Mary now has the responsibility of heading the midwifery research team.

The role requires the oversight of studies from the inception of an idea, to the delivery in the clinical environment as well as the management of the midwifery team.

A good deal of Mary’s time is spent integrating research into clinical practice highlighting the benefits of taking part in research to improve the care that we are able to offer.

Sharan Athwal – Clinical Research Fellow

Sharan is an obstetric and gynaecology registrar at Southmead Hospital with a specialist interest in patient safety, human factors and medical education.

She has been running local PROMPT days in the south west region (including undergraduate PROMPT) She facilitates on the ‘train the trainers’ (T3) days and is part of the multi-professional team teaching on the south-west pre-hospital PROMPT days.

Cressida Bond – Clinical Research Fellow

Cressida Bond is a specialty registrar in obstetrics and gynaecology and a PROMPT Research Registrar

Cressida is currently working on the development of new tools to assist management of postpartum haemorrhage.

Katie Cornthwaite – Clinical Research Fellow

Katie Cornthwaite is a clinical research fellow undertaking an MD investigating the management of impacted fetal head at caesarean section, a complex obstetric emergency with potentially devastating complications. She is collaborating with industry partners, Limbs & Things, and the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC).

Jo Crofts – Consultant Obstetrician

Jo leads the Maternity Critical Care Unit at Southmead Hospital and is an internationally recognised expert on the management and teaching of childbirth emergencies.

Jo was awarded a medical doctorate (University of Bristol, 2009) for her research into staff training to ensure all women and their babies have the best possible pregnancy outcomes. Jo is the lead author for the International RCOG Shoulder Dystocia Guideline and helped to develop the PROMPT Birth Trainer, a training mannequin designed to help midwives and doctors improve their management of childbirth emergencies.

Jo leads a health partnership between Southmead Hospital and Mpilo Central Hospital, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and has postgraduate certificates in global health policy and medical education.

Sian Edwards - Clinical Research Fellow

Sian is a specialty trainee in obstetrics and gynaecology. She completed her MD in maternal sepsis with the PMF research team, during which time she worked to develop the undergraduate inter-professional PROMPT training package. She continues to volunteer as a faculty member and is working with the PROMPT team on a Health Foundation-funded project looking at the use of social franchising systems to develop a more sustainable, authentic model for distributing the PROMPT training

Emily Hotton – Clinical Research Fellow

Emily is an obstetric registrar working at Southmead Hospital. She has an interest in intrapartum care and is working with the team on the ASSIST study. The ASSIST Study is a safety and feasibility study of the BD Odon Device for assisted vaginal birth. The BD Odon Device is a new device that has been developed as a potential alternative to forceps or ventouse

Emily is also undertaking a systematic review exploring training, standardisation and monitoring of medical devices in assisted vaginal birth studies as well as being Principal Investigator of the TAB study (Training in Assisted Birth).

Sharon Jordan – Global Midwife

With 30 years experience in healthcare in nursing and midwifery,  Sharon has worked for the last 15 years as Senior Labour Ward Midwife in a tertiary unit with an average of 6,500 Births per year.  She joined the PROMPT maternity foundation in 2000, delivering multi-professional training across the UK and overseas.

She became Global Projects Midwife having developed a special interest in reducing harm and improving maternal and neonatal outcomes, through evidence-based training and education in resource-poor areas.

Neil Muchatuta – Consultant Anaesthetist

Neil is a consultant anaesthetist in Bristol, and has an interest in medical education and training, human factors and global health. He was formerly the lead for obstetric anaesthetic education at University Hospitals Bristol, and has directed several obstetric anaesthetic courses in the UK and in low resource settings. Neil became a PMF Trustee in 2017, delivers PROMPT local and T3 training in the UK and overseas, and also helps manage PMF’s digital output. He earned a master's in public and global health in 2021.

Sophie Renwick – Clinical Research Fellow

Sophie is a Clinical Research Fellow with PMF, She is an obstetric registrar and has been working to research ways of effectively spreading interventions in the NHS. Sophie initially worked on a 12 month project to implement PROMPT training nationally across Wales, funded by the Welsh government. Since April 2019 she has been working on a project funded by the Health Foundation to explore the use of social franchising, using PROMPT as a vehicle. Additionally, Sophie has a keen interest in global health and has travelled to Romania and Sierra Leone with members of the PROMPT team. 

Jane Storey – Research Midwife

Jane is a Registered Nurse and Midwife with over 25 years-experience as a labour ward midwife and more recently as a research midwife in Bristol. She joined the PMF team in April this year to work with the team responsible for implementing PROMPT across Wales.

PROMPT Statistical Team

Erik Lenguerrand – Senior Medical Statistician

Erik is a senior medical statistician and quantitative epidemiologist seconded from the University of Bristol. 

With the assistance of Chetan Prajapati (hyperlink), their methodological mission is to provide evidence-based research findings to help PMF develops and improves its patient safety, intervention and innovation model.

He is supervising the research conducted by Katie Cornthwaite(Hyperlink), Emily Hotton (Hyperlink), and Chris Yau (Hyperlink), three PMF MD/PhD candidates.

Chetan Prajapati – Junior Medical Statistician

Chetan is a medical statistician with the research interest in the application of advanced statistical methods in epidemiology, genetics and clinical trials. He qualified in dentistry in the year 2008 who later on developed a strong interest in the application of statistical methods in epidemiology and community medicine.

Due to his academic excellence, he was awarded prestigious John Henry Brookes Scholarship from Oxford Brookes University to pursue advanced studies in Public Health. He recently completed masters in Medical Statistics with specialization in Genetic Epidemiology from the University of Leicester. He currently contributing in multiple hospital-based research studies at Southmead Hospital.

Previous PROMPT Researchers

Mary Lynch – Senior Midwife

Mary is a Midwife at Southmead Hospital, Bristol. She has been involved in Local Training in Bristol and around the UK. She has been the lead midwife with the Prompt Philippines Project.

Mary lives in Wiltshire, is married to Pete and has 2 children.

Kate Collins – Clinical Research Fellow


Kate is a Senior Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She has been a Clinical Research Fellow with PMF, leading on the THISTLE-Plus Study, funded by the Health Foundation. This mixed-methods study investigated the facilitators and obstacles to the implementation of obstetric emergency training across Scottish maternity units, run in parallel to the wider THISTLE (Trial of Hands-on Interprofessional Simulation Training for Local Emergencies) Study, from 2014-2016.

The findings have informed the future development of PROMPT training. She is also a member of the PMF training faculty, having helped train multi-professional teams from across the UK, Dubai and the Philippines

Kiren Ghag – Clinical Research Fellow

Kiren is a Senior Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She has been a Clinical Research Fellow with PMF, leading on the PROMPT Philippines project which was funded by Project Hope to deliver the PROMPT Train The Trainers (T3) programme to health staff from eight selected maternity units with the aim of reducing post-partum haemorrhage through improvements in the quality of hospital-based maternal and child health service delivery.

Stephen O'Brien – Clinical Research Fellow

Stephen is a Senior Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and has been a Clinical Research Fellow with PMF. PMF were awarded a grant from Becton Dickinson (BD), a medical device company commissioned by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to develop the Odon
Device. Dr Stephen O’Brien, Research Fellow, was the lead researcher, supervised by Dr Jo Crofts.  The Odon device is an instrument designed by an Argentinian engineer, Jorge Odon, and is proposed as an alternative method for helping women to give birth, instead of using more traditional devices such as forceps or ventouse, particularly in low resource settings, where these instruments may not be available or where birth attendants are untrained.  In 2016, Stephen and Jo, in collaboration with the BD team, conducted simulation studies using pressure-sensing technology and training mannequins developed with Limbs & Things, to assess the performance of the device, comparing it to forceps and ventouse. The team have also conducted a series of Human Factors studies from March 2016 to March 2017 enabling the team to improve and validate the design and instructions of the device. In 2017 Stephen returned to O&G training and handed the reins over to Dr Emily Hotton who with the PMF/BD team will be preparing for a randomised clinical trial of the Odon device and PMF have been requested to develop an Odon Training package.

Chris Yau – Clinical Research Fellow

Chris is a Senior Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Has has been a Clinical Research Fellow with PMF and in October 2019 was awarded his PhD.  One of his research projects was the Erb’s Palsy Quality of Life Studies (adult patients and care givers).  Chris completed this project in 2017-2018 and the animated video which communicates the results of this study to the public and policy makers has now been released 'Erb's Palsy: Better Care Costs Less'

Chris also researched the health economics of obstetric emergency training. His micro-cost analysis of setting up and running PROMPT for one year at Southmead Hospital has now been published in an international, peer-reviewed journal. You can view his abstract here.

Chris was involved in a Health Foundation funded study exploring the roles of the insurers and different models of clinical-insurer engagement. Chris has been collaborated with senior law lecturer, Dr Oliver Quick, from the University of Bristol and between them they have interviewed key members from the state insurers in England, Wales, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Sweden and Victoria,
Australia. In March 2017, Chris and Oliver organised a symposium to discuss the findings and emerging themes from the project. Senior representatives from all participating insurers attended the event with plans to reconvene in the future.