Making childbirth safer, together

An independent charity set up to save the lives of mothers and babies
through evidence-based, multi-professional training and research.

What we do


PROMPT provides multi-professional obstetric emergency training programmes. Our training has led to improved outcomes for real women and their babies.


PROMPT undertakes clinical and bench-top research that aims to make childbirth safer for women throughout the world.


The aim of the PROMPT Maternity Foundation charity is to reduce preventable harm to mothers and babies in maternity care.

Training packages

PROMPT Train-the-trainers

PROMPT's flagship training, incorporating:
• the latest PROMPT 3 training package
• PROMPT Critical Care
Provides simple evidence-based tools to help train your entire maternity team, and improve clinical outcomes

Pre-hospital PROMPT

Hands-on simulation training for paramedic and ambulance staff who are required to provide emergency maternity care in the pre-hospital setting. Also adaptable for community midwifery teams and Emergency Department staff.

Undergraduate PROMPT

Hands-on, multi-professional training for midwifery students and student doctors. Combines teaching with effective teamworking and collaborative clinical management, and fulfils mandatory inter-professional undergraduate training.


Maternal outcomes

PROMPT training has saved the lives of mothers around the world, resulting in significant reductions in maternal mortality after training was successfully implemented.

Fetal outcomes

PROMPT training has led to improved outcomes for mothers, and to a reduction in life-changing physical and mental disabilities in their babies.

Financial advantages

Undertaking PROMPT training has led to significant reductions in litigation payments for hospitals; leaving them with more money to spend on improving care for mothers and babies.

Our story

PROMPT's History

Established in 2000, PROMPT T3 training has now been attended by 75% of maternity units throughout the UK. Our success has resulted in PROMPT being endorsed by NHS England.

Our Partners

PROMPT's success has been forged through forming strong partnerships with healthcare organisations, educational institutions, and industry partners.

PROMPT's team

Meet our multi-professional team of midwives, obstetricians, anaesthetists, trustees and administrative staff.

News & Events


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