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PRactical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training

PROMPT research contributes to Queen's Anniversary Prize 2014 for University of Bristol PROMPT trainers in Zimbabwe sporting latest t-shirt trend! Pre-hospital PROMPT training using MamaNatalie Training together can be fun, and improves team working PROMPT requires a multi-professional team Locally adaptable - used in many countries PROMPT cake made by team in Melbourne! Creating different simulated environments: pre-hospital care training with paramedics

PROMPT (PRactical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training) is an evidence based multi-professional training package for obstetric emergencies. It is associated with direct improvements in perinatal outcome and has been proven to improve knowledge, clinical skills and team working.

The PROMPT Maternity Foundation (PMF) is a multi-professional group of obstetricians, midwives and anaesthetists based in the UK. PMF strives to make childbirth safer through training, education and research. Our aim has always been to make evidence based multi-professional obstetric emergencies training available to all.

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Latest updates

PDF of Modified Obstetric Early Warning Score charts

Tim Draycott recently presented "Can lessons from multiprofessional team training in obstetrics be translated to other surgical specialties?" at an Oral Free Communication Session at the RCOG World Congress in Hyderabad, India, 28-30 March 2014.

In response to this, several audience members requested access to Modified Obstetric Early Warning Score charts. Please click MEOWS_chart.pdf to access this file.


Queen’s Anniversary Prizes 2014

On the 27th February 2014, The University of Bristol were honoured with a Queen's Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education. The title of their entry was:'Obstetrics and Neonatal Practice: Saving Babies Lives around the World'.  

The PROMPT obstetric emergencies training programme and its associated improvements in outcomes for mothers and babies, was one of the three research projects included in the University of Bristol's award winning bid. Click here to view the University's press release.

Professor Tim Draycott, lead researcher and PMF Trustee, was invited to attend the presentation ceremony at Buckingham Palace on behalf of the PROMPT team and had the pleasure of meeting Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. Click here to view the video news clip of this event!


PROMPT makes the right way the easiest way

In April 2013 Tim Draycott, Trustee and Research lead for the PROMPT Maternity Foundation, gave an inspiring talk at TED MEDLive Bristol about maternity care in Bristol, and how using simple tools to help staff do the right things can improve maternity care for mothers and babies. Go to this YouTube link to see Tim's presentation at this University of Bristol event.