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Prompt Maternity

PRactical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training

PROMPT Symposium 2015 New Pre-hospital PROMPT App for iPads - £4.99 PROMPT research contributes to Queen's Anniversary Prize 2014 for University of Bristol Pre-hospital PROMPT training using MamaNatalie Locally adaptable - used in many countries UK team visiting Zimbabwe to make training videos

PROMPT (PRactical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training) is an evidence based multi-professional training package for obstetric emergencies. It is associated with direct improvements in perinatal outcome and has been proven to improve knowledge, clinical skills and team working.

The PROMPT Maternity Foundation (PMF) is a multi-professional group of obstetricians, midwives and anaesthetists based in the UK. PMF strives to make childbirth safer through training, education and research. Our aim has always been to make evidence based multi-professional obstetric emergencies training available to all.

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Latest updates


Jo’s Fundraising 10K for PROMPT Maternity Foundation

Thank you to Joanne for fundraising your Bristol 10K run for the PROMPT Maternity Foundation.  Joanne has raised £157.12 for our charity on Sunday 13 May 2018.


PROMPT Global Newletter - March 2018

PROMPT have just released their 1st Global Newsletter informing our global partners of developments within the PROMPT Maternity Foundation both in the UK and across the world.  Contributions from our global partners would be valued and welcomed - please send you your contribution to our newsroom.  Like a copy of the newsletter?  Email for your copy here


Launch of new PROMPT Videos on YouTube

In 2017, The PROMPT Maternity Foundation were awarded some grant funding from the  Health Foundation (UK) to support the production of some promotional videos.  In collaboration with Limbs & Things (UK), we have created 5 short videos, the first 2 have just been launched on the PROMPT YouTube Channel