Sierra Leone, in West Africa, has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. A combination of civil war and the Ebola outbreak has decimated its healthcare system, which is being held together by a group of dedicated doctors, nurses and midwives.


1 in 17 young women in Sierra Leone today can expect to die in childbirth. Inadequate staffing, infrastructure and supplies all play a role in this statistic. As does education.

Most staff on labour wards in Sierra Leone do not have access to multi-professional training. PROMPT training has helped reduce maternal mortality in other low- and middle-income countries by 25–33%.

A multi-professional PROMPT team visited Freetown in Sierra Leone in January 2019, and held discussions with local healthcare providers and leaders about bringing PROMPT training there. With funding, we will be able to provide maternity teams in Sierra Leone the training they need to help save mothers’ lives.


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