In 2005 a multi-professional team of trainers from Bristol took a pilot train-the-trainers package, based on the ‘in house’ course that had been running at Southmead Hospital, to be piloted by Carl Weiner and his team at Kansas University, USA. They successfully ran local courses, and began evaluating the effect.

In 2015 Carl Weiner and his team at University of Kansas Hospital published their experience of seven years of PROMPT training; leading to better team communication, a 100% reduction in brachial plexus injury, better umbilical cord blood test results, and a 30% reduction in caesarean section rates. The projected savings, in terms of reduced litigation and costs, totals US$38 million.

2020 courses now taking bookings

PROMPT North America are delighted to announce the 2020 training dates for the US PROMPT Train-the-Trainers course.
Bookings are now being accepted for the following dates:
  • February 15–16 2020
  • March 7–8 2020
  • August 15–16 2020
  • October 25–26 2020
To place a booking, or for more information about PROMPT in the USA, please contact North America’s PROMPT lead, Carl Weiner.