Not all training is equal or effective

The reduction of preventable harm for mothers and their babies is core to our activities and our education, training and research are the means through which we endeavour to provide this public benefit both in the UK and internationally.

Whereas many published training interventions have not led to an improvement in clinical outcomes, in Bristol the introduction of PROMPT has led to:

In Kansas in the USA the introduction of PROMPT has led to:

In Victoria in Australia the introduction of PROMPT has led to:

PROMPT Training has transformed the way healthcare professionals are trained worldwide, improving the implementation of best practice and outcomes for mothers and babies. In 2015, a major review of the NHS maternity services was undertaken by Baroness Julia Cumberledge and a panel of experts and representative bodies. The scope of the review was to asses current maternity care provision and consider how services should be developed to meet the changing needs of women and babies.

PMF and North Bristol NHS Trust were delighted to be commended in the NHS Maternity Review, Better Births as a framework for learning.

PROMPT training in maternity units is having a significant impact, not only in the UK, but internationally.  Published evidence from Kansas (US) and Victoria (AUS) demonstrates similar improvements to the UK. PROMPT Training benefits staff groups and hospital departments as well as individuals, their families and society in general.