Launch Webinar for PROMPT Annual Update 2021


The Annual Update training package series, was launched on 13th July 2021, making it even easier for your local teams to resume effective hands-on training.

Please watch our webcast below which explains more about what is included in the Annual Update.


In the Annual Update 2021 training resources, local training teams will receive:

    • Physical Facilitators kit containing Scenario Facilitation Handbooks, to support your teams in facilitating drills and workshops for the following modules:
      • Maternal sepsis
      • Severe hypertension and eclampsia
      • Impacted fetal head at cesarean section
      • Shoulder dystocia
      • Vaginal breech birth
      • Postpartum haemorrhage 

    • Supplementary reading booklets containing all of the updated national guidance and reports for the modules included in this Annual Update package

    • Pre-Hospital PROMPT module - a stand-alone training package designed specifically for paramedics and ambulance staff. This aligns to national JRCALC guidance for paramedics and ambulance staff wishing to run local maternity emergencies training in pre-hospital settings.

    • Drill facilitation guides and videos
    • PROMPT CiPP - Care of the Critically Ill Pregnant or Postnatal woman - All of the resources that you need to run your half-day course.

    • Digital resources - Access to our Learning Management System (LMS) - Access to all the online resources and presentations for all modules and packages (included within Annual Update 2021) which can be adapted to align with your local curriculum, policies and processes.

    Prices (per unit):

    • Annual Update 2021 -  Includes email support which, for those units already running PROMPT locally, should provide all the support needed to implement the new package locally - £5000 
    • Please note - if bought after purchasing another Annual Update package this price is reduced to £3000

    To order the Annual Update package please complete the attached form (here) and return to [email protected]