Hannah and Lee Rulton are parents to two lovely children.  Here is Hannah's story:

"In August 2017, in Stroud Maternity Hospital, I went into Labour with my son Spencer. All was well until his head was delivered and his shoulders unfortunately got stuck. There was a suddenly and urgency for me to leave the birthing pool so I did as was told. The Midwives Tracy and Amy acted calmly and professionally with telling me the different manoeuvres needed to help deliver baby. It was a whole 11 minutes of desperation to deliver Spencer but finally his body was delivered. Although all was not well yet. Spencer did not take his first breath but lay lifeless and blue in front of myself and Lee my husband. We sat helpless watching our baby boy as the midwives pumped air into his mouth. It took 10 breaths to get his first gurgle and 5 minutes for him to take his first breath. 

It was the most traumatic time of our lives and still affects us in ways now. However every day we are so thankful to the midwives Tracy and Amy that were so calm and professional and did exactly what they had been trained to do, using the PROMPT training and delivering Spencer not only alive without a single bruise or lasting damage. It really was a horrific experience but i felt in safe hands that evening and I was right to. Thanks to the midwives and the PROMPT training we have our gorgeous son and our daughter has a cheeky brother!"

Hannah and her husband Lee have undertaken various fundraising events including a skydive and pamper evening to support our charity and we are pleased that Hannah is supporting our charity further by becoming a valued Trustee.