January 2019 – A multi-professional team from PROMPT comprising an anaesthetist, midwives and an obstetrician visited Freetown to perform a scoping exercise; investigating the potential of implementing PROMPT in Sierra Leone. They spent five days between Princess Christian Maternity Hospital (PCMH) and Aberdeen Women’s Centre (AWC), the two busiest maternity units in the country.

Time was spent understanding local issues and processes, and talking to staff, women, management and NGOs. The team also performed PROMPT training demonstrations for multi-professional staff in both units, incorporating local guidelines and policies, which was very well received by 31 staff at PCMH and 35 at AWC.

Sierra Leone has amongst the highest rates of maternal and infant mortality in the world, and has been devastated by the 2014 Ebola epidemic, with a significant impact on medical care and resources. Having gained valuable information, the PROMPT team will continue to liaise with agencies and further explore bringing PROMPT to Sierra Leone.