In 2005 a multi-professional team of trainers from Bristol took a pilot train-the-trainers package, based on the ‘in house’ course that had been running at Southmead Hospital.  The pilot train-the-trainers package was also taken to some maternity units in Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Townsville) and Auckland in New Zealand.

In 2010 A multi-professional team lead by Malcolm Barnett, introduced a PROMPT training pilot (VicPROMPT) to eight hospitals in Victoria, Australia in a pilot project, supported by the Victoria Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA). The aim of the project was to implement PROMPT training in all eight hospitals and see if they could demonstrate similar results to those achieved at North Bristol NHS Trust.

Since 2016 PROMPT training has progressively expanded to 31 hospitals in Victoria, Australia with clinical evaluation of outcomes from these maternity units.

In Victoria in Australia the introduction of PROMPT has led to:

In November 2018 the PROMPT UK team joined the RANZCOG Clinical team, to launch the new PROMPT 3 training package which RANZCOG will disseminate.

PROMPT training in Australia

Further information on PROMPT Training days in Australia can be found on the RANZCOG website.

PROMPT training in New Zealand

Martin Sowter is leading PROMPT New Zealand, for further information about PROMPT New Zealand, or training dates please email Martin Sowter.