Romania 2019

The Medias Municipal Hospital in Transylvania, Romania sent a team from their maternity unit to the UK PROMPT Train The Trainers Course in 2018 and returned with much enthusiasm to implement PROMPT locally.
After translating a few modules into their native language they successfully set up their local training day with organised emergency boxes and props.
In October 2019 PROMPT UK's Obstetrician, Sophie Renwick and Global Midwife, Sharon Jordan were invited to observe their local training days to provide further support where required.  The visit was an incredible success and both Sophie and Sharon were impressed with their emergency boxes and algorithms on their delivery suite which had been translated into Romanian which the Medias Hospital team have found extremely useful to improve their teamwork in emergencies.
PROMPT training in Romania has been reported on their local TV network the importance of management of obstetric emergencies being implented in this hospital to learn techniques of assisting a birth in order to prevent and combat maternal mortalities.
The PROMPT Maternity Foundation were delighted to present the Medias Municpal Hospital team with a new PROMPT Flex Mannequin to use in their obstetric emergency training.  The funds for the mannequin were raised by supporters of the PROMPT Maternity Foundation in the UK and the manufacturer Limbs & Things