The Singapore General Hospital (Singhealth) attended the second edition of the PROMPT T3 Course and successfully implemented local PROMPT training in their maternity unit.  
Eng Loy Tan, Devendra Kanagalingam and Lay Kok Tan evaluated the confidence of OB-GYN residents, junior doctors and nurses in the management of acute labour ward emergencies prior and post participation in PROMPT 2 based simulation training between 2014-2016.  A total of 74 participants were evaluated and there was a significant increase in the number of clinicians agreeing or strongly agreeing their confidence had improved.
The Singhealth Obstetrics Course has shown it is effective in improving the confidence level of participants in the management of obstetric emergencies and subsequently attendance at the PROMPT Course is encouraged under the Singhealth OBGYN residency programme.  The results of the evaluation is also being used to plan for improvements in curriculum and programmes for future courses.
Facilitating a Sepsis Drill
The 3rd edition of PROMPT Train The Trainers (T3) Course was formally launched in Singhealth in March 2018 following The Singapore General Hospital Pte Limited signing the PROMPT Licence to deliver PROMPT T3 Training in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.
Singhealth successfully delivered their first PROMPT T3 Training in November 2018 to seven maternity units across the territory for which their licence covers by the Singhealth PROMPT team supported by the UK PROMPT team.  
Singhealth T3 Nov 2018