On the 27th of November 2023 we launched our new PROMPTCast podcast, hosted by PROMPT core team members - Dr Katherine Lattey (Obstetrician) and Siân Harrington (Midwife).

In episode one we discuss:


We hear from Cathy Winter and Tim Draycott, lead midwife and obstetrician for PROMPT, about iPROMPT, or the PROMPT Implementation package. Developed to ensure more sustainable and local training for trainer’s. iPROMPT was released in early 2023 to replace the previous Train-the-Trainers (T3) model. 

Impacted fetal head

Speaking to Katie Cornthwaite (academic clinical lecturer and senior obstetric registrar) who completed her PhD in impacted fetal head. We could have spoken for hours, instead we only had six minutes to cover some impact aspects of this important obstetric emergency that is gaining increasing interest in research and training.

Impacted fetal head resources are included within the Annual Update 2021 training package.

High spinal

We chat to Neil Muchatuta, lead anaesthetist for PROMPT, about high spinal. High spinal is part of the anaesthetic emergency series in the Annual Update 2022/23 package. High spinal can often feel daunting for the maternity multi-professional team so we wanted to learn more about this topic and how to make high spinal part of your local training day.

Local unit – Abu Dhabi

Not so local to us in the United Kingdom, but a brilliant local unit who were early adapters of PROMPT training. Here we speak to Zarah Sadiq, a clinical resource midwife at the Corniche Hospital in Abu Dhabi. She talks to us about successes they have had as a unit with PROMPT training, challenges they experience and how they have made PROMPT work for them.



Our second episode was released on 31st January 2024, and includes: 

Pre-hospital PROMPT

We chat to Alex Jamieson and Charlotte Ryan from the South western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust about Pre-hospital PROMPT. This is a package designed for paramedics and ambulance staff to run maternity emergency training in the pre-hospital settings.


Uterine Rupture

Uterine rupture was covered in the Annual Update 2022/23 content. For this module and we have introduced a new method of delivery for training, which includes an interactive case-based discussion that can be adapted for your team.


Civility is an incredibly important topic in healthcare, but especially in maternity due to the high-pressure situations that we all work in. We speak to Ganga Verma and Sarah Quinn about this topic. Ganga is a consultant in Southampton and currently shares the RCOG workplace advisor role with Susie Crowe, and is part of 'Civlity Saves Lives'. Sarah was the previous RCOG trainee representative for workplace behaviour and is an O&G registrar.

Training resources around Civility are included within the Annual Update 2022/23 package.


We speak to Sophie Renwick and Sarah Hookes about how PROMPT Wales training was further developed and the succeses that they have had. We didn't have long to speak to them, but we start to discuss some of the research and data that was generated, evidencing the success of PROMPT Wales.

Episode 3, released on Monday 26th February includes:

Undergraduate PROMPT

We speak to Siân Harrington and Cathy Winter from the PROMPT Core Team based in Bristol. This is a new package designed for midwifery and medical students as part of undergraduate inter-professional training.

Failed intubation

Failed intubation was covered in the Annual Update 2022/23 training resources. We chat to Neil Muchatuta, PROMPT’s lead anaesthetist, and Sharan Athwal, an obstetrician working with PROMPT. We discuss managing the emergency and including this in your local training days.

Limbs & Things Ltd

PMF and Limbs & Things have been working together informally for many years to develop simulation models and training tools to improve care for women and babies during obstetric emergencies. PMF recommends the use of the PROMPT Flex manikin for shoulder dystocia training that has been associated with important reductions in birth injuries in the UK and internationally. More recently, PMF and L&T have co-developed new tools for training in the management of impacted fetal head at caesarean births. 


Episode 4, released on Monday 25th March includes:


This month we bring you a longer interview on Equity and Equality in the context of maternity care. 

MBRRACE-UK released figures in 2022 that Black women are 3.7 times more likely to die in pregnancy while and Asian women are 1.8 times more likely to die, both when compared to White women.

More recently, in 2023 MBRRACE-UK released two publications, one comparing the care of Asian and White women who have experienced a still birth or neonatal death and the other comparing Black and White women who have experienced a stillbirth or neonatal death. These reports highlight issues including ethnicity, nationality and citizenship not always being recorded well. Interpreters not always being available, lower rates of screening for gestational diabetes, difficulties accessing care and women being less likely to receive a letter about follow-up. 

In this episode, we speak to Katie Donovan-Adekanmbi and Aisha Thomas about their involvement in Black Maternity Matters from Health Innovation, West of England


Black Maternity Matters is a ground-breaking collaboration, supporting midwives to reduce the inequitable maternity outcomes faced by Black mothers and their babies. It will support maternity systems to offer safer, equitable care for all.

Equity and Equality is covered in the PROMPT Annual Update 2022/23 in our Supplementary Reading Booklet and PowerPoint presentation, including a narrated version with ideas for local adaptation. 



Episode 5, released on Monday 13th May includes:

Community PROMPT

In the first interview of this episode, we talk to Ellie and India, community and practice development midwives from Gloucestershire. We chat about Community PROMPT, a PROMPT package specifically designed for community teams and how this works for their local team in Gloucestershire. It was amazing speaking to these inspirational healthcare professionals over Zoom about training in the community setting.


Cord prolapse

For this interview, it was Sian’s turn to be interviewed. As the originator of the cord prolapse content for the Annual Update 2022/23. The cord prolapse content includes a chapter in the Supplementary Reading booklet, which can be sent out in advance to attendees and to refresh trainer’s knowledge, a module booklet for practical stations. Also a set of PowerPoint presentation slides and narrated presentation. This content is based on national guidance and it was great to chat about this time critical emergency.



In 2023 the PROMPT Maternity Foundation launched our NEW PROMPT Global training package for international teams (outside of the UK), containing training resources incorporating the latest evidence and UK national guidance. The package also includes the new PROMPT Global Implementation (iPROMPT) programme. To hear more about iPROMPT you can listen back to our first episode of the PROMPTCast.

The PROMPT Global obstetric emergencies training package is intended for use by multi-professional training teams who would like to adapt and run PROMPT courses locally, in their own unit/institution. We chat to Tim and Mark to hear more about the PROMPT Global package.



When we were in Perth, Australia in 2023 for a PROMPT Global Showcase, we were lucky enough to speak to some amazing local PROMPT teams, they just weren’t local to us in Bristol! We asked everyone the same three questions: 

  1. The best thing about PROMPT in your local unit?
  2. A challenge or difficulty that you experience?
  3. What is at the top of your training agenda?

We have edited the fantastic answers that we had from the teams together for this last segment on the episode today.


Our new PROMPTCast podcast is now available to listen via Buzzsprout and the following platforms:

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