This is the 2nd package in this 3-year PROMPT Annual Update series (2021-2024) and includes:

  • More training resources incorporating the latest evidence and national guidance

  • An emphasis on multi-professional teamworking, human factors and civility in line with the Ockenden & Kirkup Report recommendations.

  • 5 NEW modules to add into your PROMPT Annual Update 'Facilitators' Kit' with more scenario handbooks, algorithms and PowerPoint presentations ready for your local faculty to adapt and use in your local PROMPT courses.

  • 2022/23 edition of the Supplementary Reading Booklet for local attendees, providing up-to-date information on recent national guidance and research findings.

  • Community PROMPT - we have been collaborating with the PROMPT Wales team to produce a NEW stand-alone training package for midwife-led teams wishing to run local maternity emergencies training in community settings.

  • AND, by popular demand, the 2022/23 package also includes an innovative NEW integrated PROMPT Implementation Programme (iPROMPT). This replaces the previously run PROMPT Train the Trainers (T3) programme and provides a half-day pre-recorded programme of videos and presentations form the PROMPT Core team. It will mean that your multi-professional training team can watch and learn together in your own unit, how to plan and authentically implement local PROMPT training for the year ahead. 




The PROMPT Annual Update 2022/23 has now been released and is available at a discounted price for units that have already purchased PROMPT Annual Update 2021 (see price list below):

Price List for the PROMPT Annual Update training packages (Per Unit):

  • Annual Update 2022/23 (Content as above) - available now - £5,000 - discounted to £3,000 for units/institutions that have already purchased Annual Update 2021

  • Other 'optional' PROMPT packages that may be purchased in 2023 (see below):

        1. Undergraduate PROMPT Package - available early 2023 - £1,000*                                                                                     - Option for universities to purchase the NEW Undergraduate PROMPT training package, specifically to                      support inter-professional maternity training for student midwives and student doctors.

       2. PROMPT Implementation Programme PLUS (iPROMPT+) - available in 2023 - £1,500                                                   - This enhanced level of implementation support will be available to purchase in 2023.                                               - It will provide interactive support sessions from the PROMPT Core Team during 'live streaming' of a more                 comprehensive PROMPT implementation programme. These 'live streaming' events will be run on a regular               basis.                                                                                                                                                                                                   - There will be an additional cost of £1,500 for participating in the iPROMPT+ programme and it can only be               purchased if PROMPT Annual Update 2021 and/or 2022/23 have already been purchased at the full price of                     £5,000.

To order the PROMPT 2nd Annual Update package (2022/23) and express interest in any of the additional packages, please click here to access the 'Order & Expression of Interest Form' and return this to: [email protected]