Dr Chris Yau has been involved in a Health Foundation funded study exploring the roles of the insurers and different models of clinical-insurer engagement.  Chris has been collaborating with senior law lecturer, Dr Oliver Quick, from the University of Bristol and between them they have interviewed key members from the state insurers in England, Wales, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Sweden and Victoria, Australia.

In March 2017, Chris and Oliver organised a symposium to discuss the findings and emerging themes from the project.  Senior representatives from all participating insurers attended the event with plans to reconvene later in the year.

Chris will be working with the state insurer in Sweden to investigate potential maternity litigation indicators.  This will build on the Department of Health work Chris participated in during 2017.
Chris has also completed a project of Provision of Data Analysis and Economic Evaluation of the Incentivisation Scheme in support of Sign up to Safety on behalf of NHS Litigation Authority (now known as NHS Resolution) and in collaboration with University College London (UCL).