The THISTLE-Plus Study is a qualitative study funded by the Health Foundation and is being run in parallel with the wider THISTLE Study, as well as being a collaboration between clinical researchers from PMF and qualitative researchers from the University of Bristol.

THISTLE-Plus is an in-depth process evaluation of the implementation of PROMPT, investigating the facilitators and inhibitors to the introduction of training. The principal aim of the study has been to identify and explore the factors affecting the implementation of PROMPT, in order to inform efforts to improve its delivery at scale and across different contexts.

The study involved 4 Scottish maternity units and employed a mixed-method approach to data collection which took place in 2016. A total of 10 focus group discussions and 8 semi-structured interviews were conducted with local PROMPT trainers and multi-professional staff across 4 Scottish maternity units with 4 local PROMPT training days observed. In addition, 350 maternity staff completed Safety Attitude Questionnaires to measure local workplace culture.

Data analysis is currently nearing completion, this has involved statistical analysis, coding of the interview and focus group transcripts, to develop a thematic framework to describe and explain the factors affecting implementation of PROMPT training. The study findings are due to be published soon.