PMF have been awarded a grant from Becton Dickinson (BD), a medical device company commissioned by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to develop the Odón Device.  Dr Stephen O’Brien, Research Fellow, is the lead researcher, supervised by Dr Jo Crofts.

The Odón device is an instrument designed by an Argentinian engineer, Jorge Odón, and is proposed as an alternative method for helping women to give birth, instead of using more traditional devices such as forceps or ventouse, particularly in low resource settings, where these instruments may not be available or where birth attendants are untrained.

In 2016, Stephen and Jo, in collaboration with the BD team, conducted simulation studies using pressure-sensing technology and training mannequins developed with Limbs & Things, to assess the performance of the device, comparing it to forceps and ventouse.  The team have also conducted a series of Human Factors studies from March 2016 to March 2017 enabling the team to improve and validate the design and instructions of the device. 

The PMF/BD team have begun the Assist Study, a randomised controlled study of the Odón device. PMF have also been requested to develop an Odón Training package.